Why should I join Techno India Agartala ?

The Result:

Techno India Agartala (TIA) is known for its academic excellence. Since its inception, most of the toppers are from this institute. That trend continues. For example, in the recently published (May 2017) semester examination result by the affiliating Tripura University – A Central University, 14 out of first 15 positions (branch wise from Year 1 to Year 3), TIA Students obtained 14 1st positions! Out of first 45 positions (combining 1st, 2nd and 3rd from year 1 to year 3), TIA students’ secured 38 positions!

Position of TIA :

With 99.23 over all pass record and high volume of top most positions, statistically Techno India Agartala is the no. 1 Institute among all the affiliating Technical Institutes under the Tripura University.  

The Cost of Study :

More than 90% of the students of TIA are covered by various stipends and scholarships awarded by Directorate of Higher Education,UGC,AICTE,Ministry of Human Resource Development,Govt. of India and North Eastern Council. Most of these students enjoy scholarship/stipend from the different Govt. agencies in the range of  Rs. 82000-96000  per year thus making their education almost free of cost @TIA. The scholarship/stipend section of TIA under the leadership of Asst. Prof A.Goswami extends all the help to the students to secure their financial aids. The nationalized banks also offer liberal study loan to the TIA students being an AICTE approved institute.

Work Ethics :

Unlike others, PRIVATE TUITION is 100% banned at TIA.TIA has 44+ strong highly educated faculty members with best student teacher ratio in the state who accommodate their students in their free time for extra guidance. TIA is known for its strict academic discipline which includes but not limited to methodical studies, adherence to attendance norms, on time classes (theory and lab) & sessional tests.

Association :

TIA is the NPTEL local chapter of IIT Kharagpur which offers free online courses under the SWAYAM Initiative of ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India. Tata consultancy through its tie-ups with Techno regularly conducts all types of recruitment exams for the Tripura state mostly @TIA  using the state of the art IT infrastructure of TIA.

Facility :

Techno India Agartala is the only institute which has developed a state of the art in-house online learning management system (LMS) as well as standardized study materials in collaboration with EmpforceIT LLC an Atlanta, USA based technology startup which is used by its students for their semester examinations, internal tests, remedial classes as well as preparation for the GATE/IES/PSC examination. This facility is available to the TIA students at free of cost with 24×7 access facilities. TIA has modern labs for all its departments per guideline of AICTE, Govt of India. Any one can come and physically visit our labs with prior information.

Placement :

TIA is yet roll out its final year pass out students being a new entity which started operation in 2014.However , its parent Techno India Group (TIG) has the distinction of having no.1 position for placement as a group in the eastern India. In spirit of its reputation, TIA has initiated TGI – Techno India GATE Initiative which trains its pre-final year and final year students for the competitive examinations like GATE/IES/PSC and PSUs. TIA has also undertaken Employment Enhancement Training Program (EETP) sponsored by AICTE, MHRD, Govt. of India in collaboration with ICT-Academy –an autonomous organization of Govt of India. Besides all these, TIG’s placement cell is active to collaborate with all the reputed companies for the purpose of timely campus interviews.

Many may have tall claim about their existing or non-existing LMS but for the TIA students it’s a reality, so the result speaks!

All that glitters is not gold! Come and explore how we are achieving our mission silently through personal dedicated care with an objective of producing the gold!

Do you know that most of the admitted students of Techno India Agartala are covered by various stipend/scholarship schemes of Govt. of India and State Govt by which they can complete their B.Tech degree @almost free of cost? Contact us immediately with your query 9774810480/ 9485152883 /8837414548 or visit our City office at TG Road , Ramnagar 2 , Near Eastern Commerce.

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