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  1. 1st Semester Section A
  2. 1st Semester Section B
  3. CE 3rd Semester
  4. CSE 3rd Semester
  5. ECE 3rd Semester
  6. EE 3rd Semester
  7. ME 3rd Semester
  8. CE 5th Semester
  9. CSE_5thsem_routine
  10. ECE 5th Semester
  11. EE 5th Semester
  12. ME 5th Semester
  13. CE 7th Semester
  14. CSE 7th Semester
  15. ECE 7th Semester
  16. EE 7th Semester
  17. ME 7th Semester   


Please note , schedules given here are tentative. GATE coaching class schedule for the 7th semester will be released soon.