Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration Form

Select the appropriate status of the business for your company

Write the name to which payment will be made in case a Work/Supply Order is Successfully Executed by the vendor

Enter Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number 10 digit alphanumeric only. Please enter if it is applicable for your business

Enter 11 digit alphanumeric IFSC

10 digit mobile phone number eg. 7402908899

Civil ,Electrical,Mechanical etc. works means capability to execute new project and maintenance of the existing ones, 'Supplier' means only material supply without executing projects.

Enter PAN ten-digit unique alphanumeric number of applicant

Prior Experience of work with Techno India Group

Provide details of the last work done with Techno India

I understand that Techno reserves all the rights to accept or reject my application for registration as a vendor.I also certify that all the data given by me is legally correct.
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