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Existing Students Apply for Stipend/Scholarship

Do you know that most of the admitted students of Techno India Agartala are covered by various stipend/scholarship schemes of Govt. of India and State Govt by which they can complete their B.Tech degree @almost free of cost? Contact us immediately with your query 9774810480/ 9485152883 /8837414548 or visit our City office at TG Road , Ramnagar 2 , Near Eastern Commerce.

আপনি কি জানেন Techno India Agartala- তে যারা ভর্তি হউন তাদের বেশীর ভাগ-ই ভারত সরকার বা রাজ্য সরকারের ছাত্রবৃত্তি পান যা দিয়ে তারা প্রায় বিনা মূল্যে চার বছরের কারিগরি শিক্ষা সমাপ্ত করতে পারেন? রবিবারেও আমাদের সিটি অফিস -TG Road , Ramnagar 2 , Near Eastern Commerce খোলা থাকবে , আর্থিক সহায়তা নিয়ে প্রশ্ন থাকলে চলে আসুন আমাদের কাছে। যোগাযোগ করুন: 9774810480 বা 9485152883 বা 8837414548

Stipend  and Scholarship: List of Stipend  and Scholarship available to the students of Techno College of Engineering Agartala – TCEA (Formerly, Techno India Agartala – TIA)*

1 Dr. Ambedkar Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for the Economically Backward Class Students(EBC), DHE,Govt. of Tripura
2 Post -Madhyamik Scholarship DHE,Govt. of Tripura (Click for Details)
3 Ishan Uday for North Eastern Region MHRD and UGC ,Govt. of India (Click for Details)
4 North Eastern Council Scholarship(NEC)
5 Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for University and College Student MHRD,Govt. of India
6 Post-metric scholarship for SC/ST/OBC Students MHRD,Govt. of India

(a) Post-metric scholarship for ST students of Tripura

(b) Post-metric scholarship for SC students of Tripura

(c) Post-metric scholarship for OBC students of Tripura

7. Pragati & Saksham Scholarship Scheme by AICTE,Govt. of India

8. Minority Scholarship (Click for Details)



You may download the information in pdf/csv or print , as given below.

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Currently, most of the students of TIA are receiving stipend/scholarship.

*Eligibility for the stipend/scholarship is determined by the Sanctioning Authority.

In most of the cases, course fee gets covered by the stipend/scholarship awarded by the Govt. being an AICTE,MHRD Govt. of India Approved Institute.

Bank Loan : Apart from the Stipend  and Scholarship, being an AICTE approved institute TIA students are eligible for bank loans specially from the nationalized banks. Local branches of the State Bank of India (SBI) and Punjab National Bank(PNB) have grants  loans for TIA students .

The following PNB official may be contacted for loan : 
Mr. Upol Saha , Managr PNB - 0381 2314207
For Other Banks (Please click on the links) and then visit any local branch
State Bank of India
Bank of India
Central Bank
Allahabad Bank
Indian Bank
Bank of Maharasthra
Dena Bank