Apply for Stipend/Scholarship

Application Process for Stipend/Scholarship

Enter Full Name

Enter 10 digit TIA ID

Name of Father

Enter your Branch

10 digit mobile phone number eg. 7402908899

For Regular Students Duration is 4 , Lateral duration is 3

Enter 12 digit Aadhaar. This is a mandatory requirement by Govt.

Enter Annual family income .Digits only. Examle for Rs. 2 lac enter as 200000 . Annual means yearly income.

If you do not live in a village just mention about your locality/Para .

Enter Bank Name

Enter the name of the Bank Branch

Enter Your Bank Account Number

Enter IFSC code of the bank

Enter NSP code for any stipend applied through National Portal. Enter DHE if you have not applied using portal but applied for State Govt stipend. For Example : when you submit your application correctly using NSP portal you are given a NSP ID like :TR20179909597766

I understand that Techno India Agartala is not responsible for any problem regarding the stipend/scholarship processed by Govt. I also declare that I have submitted all the correct data with my full responsibility as well as I have not made multiple applications for processing.
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